Shannon Purser prayed to be made straight


The Stranger Things actress is a deeply religious person. And being religious and bisexual at once often leads to inner conflicts, that’s exactly what happened to Shannon. She began to beg God to make her attracted only to boys. Coming out to herself and realizing her bisexuality was definitely the hardest thing in her life. Purser said she had to rid herself of “the intense self-hatred I carried around in my heart.” She cried praying to become straight and if her family and friends, it might not end well. But now she is sure that loving God is not going contrary being yourself. “So, if you’re religious and wondering if God could really love you as you are, if you can be LGBTQ and faithful – the answer is yes”, she ensures. Coming out journey is never easy, but whatever you go through, remember that you deserve loving and respecting (at least from yourself) and God is with you if you sincerely believe in it.


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