Trans Youtuber irritated her fans with the new video


Transgender YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous uploaded a video in which she opens up about being ‘broke and homeless’. Beginning the video with a disclaimer that it’s “not clickbait”, Gigi went on to explain her recent experience with being “homeless”
having no money and being close to death. She brought her sister Tiffany Namtu into the video with her, where they explained how they checked into a hotel in LA and were told that Gigi’s manager was going to pay for a hotel for them. But the pair were surprised when they were suddenly told to sleep on the sofa because the manager was not alone. They felt uncomfortable and left. “At the time, we were both a little poor,” said Tiffany. “I just brought spending money because I thought I was going to be staying at this free place”. Gigi said they found a different hotel to stay at for the remaining four nights, saying they were “compromising” and “downsizing” but it was “gonna be cute”, but then they left again as they heard strange noises. They walked back to Gigi’s manager’s apartment, Gigi claiming that at this point she had no money in her account. “That was a full homeless moment,” she said.Despite the less-than-ideal experience, the internet didn’t like Gigi’s blasé use of the word ‘homeless’ – and they made their opinions known.They advised her to look for the meaning of the word ‘homeless’ in dictionary before being so disrespectful.


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