Four people arrested for homosexuality in Egypt


The Haram Misdemeanour Court sentenced the defendants to three years in prison on Saturday, for acts against public morality. Actually, for being gay. The illegal actions were committed in a residential apartment in Hadayeq al-Ahram, Giza, near the country’s famous pyramids, the local press reports. 4 people, whose identities and names cannot be revealed, were arrested as part of the ongoing crackdown on the LGBT community in Egypt. Police said they received an arrest warrant from the public prosecution before making the arrests, and that aphrodisiacs and sex toys were confiscated . LGBT crackdown began last month as the Pride flag was waved in the concert of the Lebanese band whose vocalist is gay. Egypt’s conservative, pro-government media stoked anti-LGBT sentiment after the concert, with prime-time TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed homosexuality to be as horrible as terrorism.
Egyptian authorities responded with a ‘purge’ targeted at the country’s gay community, raiding homes and arresting more than 60 people to date, according to sources. 10 of those arrested immediately after the concert have already been sentenced to six years in prison each, for “debauchery” and they were forced to undergo anal examinations .


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