LGBT activists want NHS to ask patients whether they are trans or cis


As NHS revealed the new policy of asking patients about their sexuality, LGBT activists praised the decision but emphasized that one letter is still missing from the LGBT acronym. Newly released NHS guidelines have shown that from April 2019 health professionals will be told to ask patients about their sexuality if they are aged 16 or over, as we reported earlier today.
The LGBT Foundation, who has been lobbying for recording of sexual orientation during a seven year campaign, is now demanding to monitor transgender patients and to teach the healthcare workers about how to treat these people. It proposes a separate question headed “trans status” under which patients would be asked whether their gender identity is the same as the gender they were given at birth. But the point is that not every trans person is ready to reveal their status. They recommend patients be given options including woman, trans woman, man, trans man, non-binary, or if they think of their gender identity in another way.


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