Anti-gay Senate candidate Roy Moore receives money from anti-LGBT groups


There was an investigation which discovered that the former Alabama Chief Justice that extremely opposes LGBT rights receives 6-figured sums of money from anti-LGBT hate groups. Internal charity records obtained by the Washington Post detail over $1 million in wages paid to Moore between 2007-2012, all despite Moore publicly stating he was not receiving any money from the group on a regular basis.His contract with the foundation was peculiar in that Moore would be paid any speaking fees and donations he was responsible for, with the charity contributing directly if these fees totaled less than $180,000 every year. The Foundation for Moral Law aims to “restore the knowledge of God in law and government” and is said to have financially supported Moore after his first removal from the state Supreme Court. This first removal came for his refusal to remove a statue of the ten commandments from the state courthouse.


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