Gay youtuber proposed his boyfriend and let the watchers see it


Brad Guy is well known for depicting the life of LGBT community in Australia in general. But his latest video is much more personal, private and lovely. He starts the video from telling his watchers that he had asked his partner to marry him.
“While we were on holiday in Europe, I took him to Northern Ireland and popped the question while checking out some castles on the Causeway Coast,” Brad said. He continued saying that it was a total surprise for his boyfriend named Bo, he had no idea what was going to happen and it was hard for Brad to keep it all in secret.“I’m freaking out! I don’t know why I’m so nervous, because I’m confessing my love and that’s so easy for me. But I can actually look at my hands and my hands are shaking. I’m sweaty, I’m pacing up and down the house because I know that today’s the day.” The video shows Brad catching Bo in the shower and then their trip to Dunluce Castle and then on to the Causeway Coast, with Brad occasionally letting us know how he felt asking THE QUESTION to which he could have no answer except ‘yes’. As well as sharing the joy of his proposal with his fans, Brad also used the opportunity to urge his followers in Australia to vote in favour of the proposal so that he could be able to marry his boyfriend in his native country.


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