Harry Styles waves trans flag during concert


The LGBT supporter, the biggest dream of teen girls and some teen boys, the One Direction member Harry Styles pleased his trans fans during one of his solo shows. During many of the concerts the singer has waved a rainbow flag, draping it over his mic stand and featuring it prominently onstage. But at his show at Washington DC’s DAR Constitution Hall, close to the White House, he was thrown with a trans flag and there was nothing left for him to do rather than to wave it. Styles waved the flag on-stage – alongside an Puerto Rican flag. The symbology was not lost on the crowd, given President Trump’s much-criticised stances on Puerto Rico and transgender issues. The 23-year-old singer also waved the trans flag and a bi pride flag at his show in New York City last month. One fan explained on Twitter that a young transgender fan had brought the trans flag to the NYC show. When Styles spotted it in the crowd he came over and picked it up, which the fan said was “one of the most heartwarming moments of my life”.


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