British Government Minister says there is no place for ‘gay cure therapy’ in society


A UK government minister has said that gay ‘cure’ therapy is homophobic and harmful and that is why the modern society should get rid of it. It is currently legal for unregulated quacks to attempt gay ‘cure’ therapy in the UK, though National Health Service bans it. Dan Carden, the MP for Liverpool, Walton, raised the issue in Parliament. “The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, a church in my constituency, was recently exposed by the Liverpool Echo as overseeing what can only be described as disturbing and dangerous gay cure therapies, which involve rituals and starvation as a cure for homosexuality. What assessment has the Minister made of such therapies to in relation to LGBT hate crime? Will she take forward previous efforts to have an outright ban on such therapies, which have no place in 21st-century Britain?” the politician said. His initiative was supported by the Home Office Minister Sarah Newton.


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