Japanese TV station apologises for mocking gays


A TV station in Japan has been forced to issue an apology, after re-running a show as a gay character was laughed at there. Fuji TV, which is based in Tokyo and operates three separate channels, had broadcast a one-off revival of ‘The Tunnels Thanks to Everyone’ to mark the show’s 30th anniversary. Comedy duo which was popular in 80s entertained the audience again, but the trouble began as it came to gay character “Homo-oda Homo-o”. Homo is shorten from homosexual and in Japan it has a meaning close to the F-word in English.The man also appeared in stereotypical makeup, dressed with blue stubble and pink cheeks. Now they issue an apologizing statement saying: “We sincerely apologize for making sexual minority people and many other viewers feel unpleasant over the expression we made that could be seen as if we were mocking homosexual men.” They added that they had no plans to offend LGBT community and they sincerely regret that it happened.


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