Unmarried couples regardless of sexuality can now adopt children in Ireland


Gay and straight couples who have been living together for three years and more but are not married can now apply to adopt a child in the Republic of Ireland. This option will also be available for same-sex couples who are in civil partnership and don’t want to convert it into marriage. The law will officially change tomorrow after Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone signed the commencement order for the provisions of the Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017. The act will include many other possible problems that potential adopters may face and the ways to solve them. In part adoption for remarried people. Adoption Authority chief executive Patricia Carey said: “The best interests of the child are recognised as the most important consideration in any adoption application. There is a detailed list of considerations in the amendment to be applied when judging the best interests of the child. These focus on how an adoption will likely affect the child and it also makes it clear that the child’s own opinion is very important.”


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