Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Hazel-E wished gays to burn in hell


The reality star’s boyfriend Rose Burgandy was rumored to be gay but he denied it with a homophobic Instagram post which his girlfriend seems to support. “Im 24 bitch you really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go I hope all gays die and go to hell thats where I come from [sic]. Bitch check your lies before you post I’m from piru Bitch I’m 25 not 19 and it’s Denzell with 2 L’S Bitch google me,” the man wrote attaching a picture of a burning rainbow flag. As a comment on his post, Hazel wrote: “Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!” Her comments predictably prompted an outcry on social media, and the post was deleted and Hazel claimed to had been misunderstood, insisting that she had no intention to offend LGBT community which forms the majority of her fanbase and without which she would have never been so successful, and ‘burn in hell’ concerned not gays, but liars and defamers that spread such gossips around her boyfriend. “I say that the bible does speak on homosexuality and I can’t rewrite the bible for the things that says in it and that’s what it says. Do I believe that if two men are sleeping together are they gonna burn in hell? I’m not god. I can’t judge you and I’m not going to judge you. Hey, you choose to live your life and whatever you believe in Allah, Buddha however you feel will decide your fate in the afterlife – it’s not me though,” she said.


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