‘No’ campaigners in Australia say boys will be forced to wear dresses


Australia’s Coalition for Marriage has claimed that same-sex marriage being legal would lead to boys made to wear dresses at schools. Is there any country among those which legally recognize same-sex marriages where boys would be required to do so? The answer to this question is the campaigners’ favorite word – no.

The Australian Christian Lobby, the core organisation behind C4M, put out an email claiming their supporters may have to “put your son in a dress” if same-sex marriages are recognized. The group claimed: “When parents like Marijke Rancie in our new TV ad visited her kids’ school and saw what the harmful “Safe Schools” program was teaching her children, she was shocked.
“They’d saturated the school with posters showing a boy in a dress.” Furthermore they wrote about radical sex education. To them it means that kids will be taught about gender fluidity and told that gender identity is not necessarily coinciding with biological sex. Oh, that’s really ‘scary’ to let kids express themselves and be loved and accepted the way they are, but how does it concern same-sex marriages?


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