Playboy now has a transgender playmate


Playboy made history appointing a French model Ines Rau as a playmate. Ines identifies as transgender woman and she is the first member of transgender community to be honored this way. The November 2017 Playmate is Ines Rau, well known as a fashion model with past credits including Balmain and shoots for Vogue Italia. She has worked for Playboy several times before being appointed as a playmate. She was photographed fully nude by Ryan McGinley for the Playboy A-Z special edition that came with the May 2014 issue of the magazine. The photoshoot was attached to the article about gender identity and it was actually Rau’s coming out. As any other trans person, she struggled to speak about who she is and was afraid that nobody would love her. Bit than she learnt to accept herself and be honest about her true personality, and if other people don’t accept it than they are not worth her attention. While Rau is the first Playmate centrefold to be featured in the magazine, she isn’t the first transgender model to have posed in the publication.


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