Tesla is sued for homophobic threatens


Elon Musk’s brainchild Tesla Motors has been accused of discriminating against one of his workers who was gay.
Jorge Ferro said he was taunted for being gay and even threatened to be attacked by his supervisor. Ferro has alleged that during his time on the assembly line for the company, his supervisor, Jamar Taylor, told him to “watch his back” making homophobic comments about the clothes he wore. According to the suit, supervisor Taylor also “went on to suggest that [Ferro] had a lot of enemies because ‘everyone suspects that [he is] gay’”, the suit said.Ferro also said that a HR representative removed his badge that stated he had an injury, remarking that “there’s no place for handicapped people at Tesla”. Tesla representatives have already denied the charges saying that their perfect track record showed that they had never discriminated against anyone, but Ferro insists that he will carry on with the lawsuit not only for himself but for other employees that were or could be discriminated against .


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