Trans people may be recognized in Vietnam but not now


Vietnam has begun drafting a law to protect the rights of transgender people offering them a legal recognition of their gender identity. The potential new law from the Ministry of Health would provide recognition for trans people and according to it it would not matter whether a trans person has undergone gender reassignment surgery or not because such type of surgery is not legally recognized in the country now, so most trans Vietnamese go to Thailand to undergo the procedures. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, there are between 270,000 and 300,000 transgender people in Vietnam. LGBT rights in Vietnam have radically changed within the last few years, with the first formal recognition of transgender people passing in the form of an amended civil code in 2015. The code allowed those who had received gender reassignment surgery to change their legal gender. Significant issues remain due to the lack of existing laws regarding the recognition of trans people. This draft law is a significant step forward, however it is expected to be reviewed as late as 2019.


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