Gay politician comes out and hopes to inspire his LGBT colleagues to do the same


The head of the Green party in the Czech Republic Matěj Stropnický is gay, as he confessed to the local LGBT-themed website. The interview was partly republished on the official website of his party. He said that his private life is not a big issue to bother anyone except himself, but as an influential politician and the leader of the party he should not be coward and lie about who he is. He added that the electorate would respect “his fair play” ahead of the election to the Chamber of Deputies. Stropnický claimed that his party was the only one in the Czech Republic to fight for LGBT rights, in part from the point of view of adoption and spousal pensions. His party is predicted to fall short of the five per cent needed to be represented in the Chamber. While same-sex sexual activity has been legal in the Czech Republic since 1962, when the country was part of what was then Czechoslovakia, same-sex marriage is still not legal there.


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