Rae Morris spoke about sexuality and gender fluidity


Two years after exploding onto the UK music scene Rae Morris prepares a new album and hopes that it will help her fans to understand their sexuality and identity better. As for sexuality and identity of her own, the singer confessed she is still discovering herself. “The whole of my first album is about that experience [of coming out],” she told Gay Times in an interview. One of the songs, Unguarded, is about not putting stamps and labels, whoever you are and whoever you love. “The idea of being coloured in seems really appropriate to me, I change and adapt and move in different ways. I think for people who are exploring gender and sexuality they could relate to that,” Morris says, without a denial of having same-sex relationships in the past. “I think of myself as being quite fluid and I fall in love with who I fall in love with. When you have a very deep relationship, it stays with you. It’s definitely something I’m still working with and putting it into my music.”


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