Star Trek responded to homophobic fans


Star Trek star Wilson Cruz has slapped back at those who disliked the idea of a gay couple involved in the show.
The series, currently airing on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix globally, features Rent star Anthony Rapp as scientist Lt Paul Stamets, and Wilson Cruz as medic Dr Culber, the characters are gay and in love. And of course there were those who opposed such an idea. To them Cruz responded personally via Facebook. “I’m going to say this once and post it here for anyone who has an issue. I won’t be spending my time arguing with the few. I’m focusing on the love. I’m not here for your comfort. That’s not why we are here. We’re here to grow,” the actor wrote, adding that Star Trek is always an adventure, a challenge of looking at yourself from a different point of view to make one conclusion – we are all human beings, we are all equal and we all need loving and being loved. “We are living and loving out loud the way our creator intended us to because LOVE is nothing to hide. If my love offends you then you should take a look at that. Love is never wrong. It is the answer,” he concluded.


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