Daily Star’s article about gay footballers horrified the readers


The British media outlet has sparked outrage with a front page telling readers about the ‘secret of two premiere league footballers’. Daily Star’s headline is positioned next to a picture of a pregnant Coleen Rooney, who is the wife of former England captain Wayne Rooney. This led the paper to add: “(Not Rooney obviously!)” The paper’s blaring headline, which the paper claims as “EXCLUSIVE,” is based on a story which was widely reported by many outlets, including GNE just today. Yes, this is the confession of the Belgian footballer who said he used to know two gay footballers of Premiere League as he was playing in England, although he refused to name them as they did not want to be publicly outed, they just wanted private lives to be private, although their friends, families and teammates were aware of them being gay. Despite this reasonable explanation, the Daily Star printed that the players’ sexualities were “SECRET”. LGBT charity Stonewall reacted on the publication with the following statement: “Discussing homophobia in sport and how to tackle it? Great. Speculating about the sexuality of players on the front page? Really not great. Making an issue out of someone possibly being gay is everyday homophobia in itself. This sort of speculation sends a negative message to sports fans and professionals alike, LGBT or otherwise. We must work together to make sport everyone’s game & ensure all LGBT people feel included & welcomed. Outing players does not achieve that.”


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