Elton John called out a lawmaker who advised to quarantine people with HIV


The suggestion comes from Rep. Betty Price, an official in the Georgia House of Representatives. Price claimed she did not actually want to isolate anyone and understood that it would sound cruel, but quarantine, as for her, was the only option for the state to legally limit the spreading disease. And now one of the biggest fighters with the problem of HIV stigma, Sir Elton John, hit the lawmaker out telling that her comments were horrific, discriminatory, and astonishingly ill-informed and as a doctor and a state official she must have known that demonizing and stigmatizing LGBT people is not a way to help them. He might have ignored such comments 30 years ago when people knew few about HIV and were afraid of each other, but now it is unforgivable, he assumes. In the statement, given to Fox News, Sir Elton ends: “Mrs. Price should educate herself about HIV and user her position of power to provide support, resources and compassion to her constituents. Love is the cure. Not quarantines.”


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