Premier League footballer says he knows at least three gay players


A former Premier League footballer Carl Hoefkens has revealed that two of his teammates in England were gay and it was not a secret for the rest of the team. In Belgium he also knew a gay footballer, even though there is currently no openly gay Premiere League player. Carl added that one of the gay footballers he knows is really a big name in sport but his sexuality has never been revealed. All three footballers are still in closet, so their names cannot be publicly revealed, but Carl remembers that these men did not hide their sexuality from their co-players and everybody knew who they were without any discomfort of sharing dressing rooms with them, so Premier League is ready to have gay players. Hoefkens personally posed for a gay magazine some time ago showing that he accepts and respects gay people and it should not be a taboo. He believes that all people are equal and one day there definitely will be a footballer who will stand up and say ‘I am gay. So what?’ And if he were not straight he would definitely be such a footballer.


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