Susan Calman hit back the critics again


The out lesbian comedian which takes part in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ receives a lot of criticism. At first she was under fire for dancing with a man (but it is actually not her fault. She is simply unable to change the show’s format) and now haters slam her body shape saying she has too much extra weight for dancing. ‘Strictly’ is not ‘The biggest loser’, it is not about weight, people. This is how we would respond to this, but Susan herself did it much better. When she had been called a “fat rug muncher” on Twitter, in a message that was either private or since deleted, Calman responded with a gif of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones saying “I’m a queen”. She wrote that she came on ‘Strictly’ to dance and she will dance, and offensive words in Twitter won’t be an obstacle. She then posted another gif of her and her Strictly dance partner Kevin Clifton in action writing that she enjoys bein on Strictly and she is going to defeat the haters with her dances. That’s a real queen!The comedian has received plenty of support from her followers, including fellow comic Jason Manford. “You’re smashing it,” he said. “I’ve not seen an ounce of hate for you,only love! #nailingit”


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