University professor taught students to differ trans and cis women


A university professor is under scrutiny after making his students play a game called “female or shemale?” The point of the game is in showing pictures of trans and cis women to students making them guess which is which. It was handed out by sociology professor David Sorbello during a class on gender, sexuality and sexual identity at State University of New York at Geneseo. The title is accompanied by two stick figures dressed in stereotypically female clothes, though the one on the “Shemale” side appears to be accompanied by something phallic-shaped. Students were outraged, with sophomore Jillian Sternberg telling BuzzFeed that Sorbello’s in-class comments made matters worse. “He just said: ‘We want you to write whether it’s female or she-male,’” she recalled. Calling out for explanation the professor said it was a discussion of sexual dosmorphism with humor. Nobody laughed, though. When Sternberg approached the professor with a friend after the class, she said Sorbello apologised that they hadn’t found the quiz funny. He also reportedly claimed that humour was the only way to approach the subject, before becoming angry at the pair. He was irritated for being called out and did not apologize. Instead he only forbade students to bring gadgets to the class.


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