AIDS crisis victims commemorated in London subway


Transport for London unveiled the works, from the late Australian artist and activist David McDiarmid, at Brixton station and elsewhere across the network showing short statements on a rainbow background that represent McDiarmid’s experience of the AIDS crisis. ‘THE FAMILY TREE STOPS HERE DARLING, DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER and GIRLFRIEND OUR LIFE IS ONE OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS’ , will be displayed above the entrance to Brixton Underground station and at stations across London. Such kind of representation is the first one for the artist’s career. “I wanted to express myself and I wanted to respond to what was going on and I wanted to reach a gay male audience. I wanted to express very complex emotions and I didn’t know how to do it … I was in a bit of a dilemma. I thought, well, how can I get across these complex messages,” the artist says of his creations. Eleanor Pinfield, Head of Art on the Underground, said that people use underground every day and it’s a good chance to show them good arts and to make them aware of social problems.


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