Ellen DeGeneres surprised her gay watcher


As part of the Cheerios One Million Acts of Good campaign, Ellen has been singling out viewers for their humanity and generosity. And one audience member got the shock of their life – right after taking part in the ‘White men can dance…’ feature, and though the dance was not the only reason for the man to be there, it was enough for him to be called on stage by Ellen. It turns out student Trent Bauer had been nominated by his best friend who said that Trent is the most special, kind and open-hearted guy she has ever known an angel in a human shape, a fighter for gay rights and…. a huge fan of Ellen, who inspires him to be as amazing as he is. Trent is an LGBT rights activist at his university where he is creating an LGBT student coordinator role because, “I felt that there was an underserved lack of resources.” “I want to do something for you because you’re a good guy,” explained Ellen, “We love what you do for the community. And you’re struggling to pay for college, so we want to be able to help you continue all the good you’re doing. So we’re going to give you $10,000.”


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