Jackie Chan spoke about his daughter’s coming out


Etta Ng took to Instagram posing on a rainbow background and it would not cause such a great resonance if the father of this teen girl was not so famous. The former Hong Kong beauty queen Elaine Ng is a daughter of Jackie Chan, even though he was not involved in her life. “I encountered many events that could have broken me, but in actuality, you strengthened me. You are my everything and more. I love you, my princess. Let’s celebrate our nine-months of happiness together,” she wrote, “In case no one got the memo, I’m gay.” The girl struggled with her lesbianism and even had several suicide attempts. But now she accepts herself in full. But what does her celebrity dad think of it? Asked about his daughter coming out as a lesbian while promoting his film The Foreigner, the martial arts star simply said: “If she likes it, that’s fine.”


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