Bisexual tattoo master devotes her works to murdered trans women


Cobra Lightning works at 9Mag Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois, and the studio is a basic location for VH1 TV series Black Ink Crew: Chicago which documents the process of making tattoos which are aimed to pay tribute to the trans women that were murdered in the USA. The artist says that the point is not in shooting and she is not a fame hunter, she is just doing what her heart tells her to do. The tattoo design is of woman’s face crying tears of blood and is said to represent the lives lost. There is tape over the woman’s mouth, to symbolize the silence in the media about most of such cases and misgendering the victims. ‘It’s my hope that through that tattoo it shows that there are people out here who will be the voice for so many who feel that they don’t have the voice to speak up for themselves. I will never forget the people who have suffered and continue to suffer in silence,’ the artist said promising to represent the LGBT community furthermore as much as she can.


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