Pop idol from Singapore sends love to LGBT youth


Leon Markcus has opened up with his own struggles of self-harm and eating disorders telling young people who are struggling that they are not alone. The singer himself is bisexual and he understands how it feels when you come to realizing your sexuality. Markcus’ latest single, Alive, raced up the charts in Singapore and he hopes it will become an inspiration for young LGBT people across the country. ‘I guess my life was basically made up of a series of unfortunate events. I grew up in a really traditional household and with that came a ton of expectations to live up to. My family was pretty much dysfunctional, thus, I hardly interacted with my parents. They weren’t on very good terms then as well,’ the singer told GSN. The singer just wrapped a month of touring with a moving performance at Hong Kong’s massive Pink Dot festival. Pink Dot celebrates Hong Kong’s vibrant LGBTI community and he could not imagine a better way to finish the tour because LGBT+ community is really special for him as he has many friends who re still in closet. ‘I truly believe that they deserve to have the freedom to appreciate and love their partners in the light instead of hiding in the shadows. It is a cold world here for for these youths,’ he said, ‘And I though, I love my home, I also want my friends to be able feel at ease as well as to appreciate a place that accepts them for who they are without being denying their basic rights to love. Everyone deserves equal opportunities for happiness. No one, should ever be made to feel like they don’t belong or they are undeserving of the life they are given.’


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