Egyptian police targets gay men via dating apps


Police in Egypt are using gay app Grindr to lure gay and bi men in hotel rooms. Dalia Abdel-Hameed, a gender rights researcher with the Egyptian Initative for Personal Rights unearthed dozens of police reports. The so-called ‘cultivation technique’ is aimed to seduce the targets via Grindr. They are lured to hotel rooms and arrested by authorities, it was described as a mania. “It’s related to the fact that men are using apps more than women and an obsession of who is being penetrated. There is this penetration mania in Egypt due to religious reasons, mostly.” The Haram Misdemeanour Court sentenced the defendants to three years in prison on Saturday, for acts which were “inconsistent with public morality and homosexuality”. The illegal actions were committed in a residential apartment in Hadayeq al-Ahram, Giza, near the country’s famous pyramids, according to the Egyptian Independent.


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