The story of a Muslim lesbian


A 40-year-old woman named Zayna is from Pakistan, a strict Muslim country. And Zayna is attracted to women, and that is why she was beaten, assaulted and abused before moving to UK. Even her own father abused and punched her. Since then the woman is unable to walk properly and faces terrible back pains. While studying for her PhD, Zayna said she was kicked out of university as other students believed that there was some danger from her. At an Islamic school, she said she was forced by fellow staff to leave or face police action as there was a same-sex love affair between her and her colleague. Both were threatened and forced to leave. She now lives in Manchester, UK, and speaks out on behalf of LGBT+ Muslims, she was born a Muslim and she is not going to quit what she believes in. She knows that she is not the only member of the LGBT community to think so, but not everybody is brave enough, so she hopes that her example will inspire others.


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