United Nations LGBT rights expert has a premonition about recession


The UN’s independent LGBT human rights expert says that anti-LGBT crackdowns from Egypt to Tajikistan, from Belarus to Tanzania, are a signs of the global crisis which comes to the world. In a landmark address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, a UN expert on LGBT issues warned that this is not the end and the violations against human rights will go further, for now it is impossible to say that discrimination against people on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity is a solved problem, so the immediate actions are required. “It is unconscionable that people with an actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression different from a particular social norm, are targeted for violence and discrimination in many parts of the world,” the expert says, “LGBT people are suffering a crucible of egregious violations, including killings, rape, mutilation, torture, arbitrary detention, abduction, harassment, physical and mental assaults. They are subjected to lashings and forced surgical interventions, bullying from a young age, incitement to hatred and pressures leading to suicide. More than 70 countries around the world today still criminalize same-sex relations, and in some of them the death penalty may be applied. Even where there is no law criminalizing consensual same-sex relations, laws on public decency, public order and social peace are used in some countries to incriminate people under the umbrella of sexual orientation, gender identity and related gender expression.”


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