Kevin Spacey’s coming out irritated people


As we reported yesterday, Star Trek star Anthony Rapp told Buzzfeed that when he was 14 Kevin Spacey tried to have sex with him. Spacey responded to this that he was drunk and does not remember anything like that, but if it really happened then he is sorry. Furthermore he added that he used to date with both men and women, but prefers men.And as it seems now, not all of his celebrity colleagues are ready to support his coming out. Billy Eichner, of American Horror Story, said it was hard to find worse time to come out than after being accused of sexual assault attempt against an underage boy. Comedian Cameron Esposito disliked Spacey’s wording that he ‘chose to live as a gay man’, saying that she is a lesbian woman but she had never chosen to be one, and even if she did, it is not an excuse for molestation of teenagers. Sue Perkins said that coming out after such an allegation is nothing but an offense to the LGBT community. Radio presenter Iain Dale agreed with it, saying that Spacey only gave one more chance for homophobes to link homosexuality to child abuse.


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