Newspaper faces backlash for article about a trans woman

Transgender student Sorrel Rosin (R) poses with a friend February 25 2017 in Chicago as hundreds of transgender supporters protest against the Trump administration's reversal of federal protections of bathroom rights, warning it risked exposing young people to hate-fueled violence. Rosin, a high school student in Illinois, said Ive felt a spike in homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, misogyny in and out of school." / AFP / Derek R. HENKLE (Photo credit should read DEREK R. HENKLE/AFP/Getty Images)

A newspaper in Kent has faced a backlash after a reporter wrote a piece about a local transgender woman, making a conclusion she was a man. The opinion column was published in the Kentish Gazette newspaper, published by the Kent Messenger group, alongside a story about transgender people in prison.The piece, written under the ‘Harry Bell’ pseudonym by a member of staff earlier this month focussing on a local trans woman, calling her a person with female brains in a male body. “With that in mind, I conducted a little experiment. I showed a picture of this person – I happen to know his name – to five women between 23 and 71 and asked them what they thought. Each correctly said they were looking at a man,” the writer stated, quoting Germaine Greer who said that dressing up as a woman and calling yourself one does not make a woman. The newspaper has since apologised for the article. Hold The Front Page reports that Kentish Gazette reporter Alex Claridge, who penned the article under the pseudonym, has been suspended pending investigation along with editor Bob Bounds. The Kentish Gazette has since published a retraction.


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