Trump hands senior role to anti-gay lawmaker


LGBT activists have called for the Senate to block the appointment of a senior official who thinks there should not be any gay people in politics. An influential Senate committee will this week decide whether to confirm the nomination of Scott Garrett as President of the Export-Import Bank. Scott Garrett is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives who crashed in his 2016 re-election campaign after a set of homophobic remarks he used to make. Garrett had refused to pay his dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee, explaining that he boycotts the committee for supporting LGBT candidates. Garrett took issue with the GOP body because it had “actively recruited gay candidates and supported homosexuals in primaries”. Garrett has been saved from electoral oblivion by President Trump, who has rewarded his homophobia by handing him a cushy job heading the Export-Import Bank. Garrett previously called for the federal agency to be abolished. Today, the Human Rights Campaign has already expressed its opposition to such kind of appointment.


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