John Oliver laughs at non-binding same-sex marriage ballot in Australia


Comedian John Oliver has laid into Australia’s none legally binding same-sex marriage ballot. British comedian highlighted all the ridiculousness of the arguments that ‘No’ campaigners are bringing. That included a backbench Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, who compared marrying a man to marrying his cycling buddies. Poking fun at the absurd comparison, Oliver just ridiculed: “We finish cycling, we slowly peel our cycling clothes off by the side of the bucolic country road and we fuck, but that’s not marriage, that’s fucking your cycling mates… You cycle, you f**k. You cycle, you f**k. It’s not marriage though.” As for another campaigner who recommended to invent the new word like ‘garriage’ not to ‘steal’ marriage from heterosexual couples, he replied that in general the word is stupid “except in the very rare case of a marriage between two men and named Gary, in which case, obviously they should be getting ‘garried’.” Polls show that two thirds of Australians are in favour of marriage equality. Voting remains open until 7 November and results are expected by 15 November.


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