The first coming out episode on Disney Channel


In the season two premiere of Andi Mack, 13-year-old Cyrus – one of Andi’s best friends – seems to be crushed on his friend Jonah. After Jonah breaks up with his girlfriend Amber and quickly asks out Andi, Снкгі shares with his friend Buffy what he feels. After a clearly emotional, hesitant Cyrus says he hasn’t ordered food, Buffy tells him: “You’re scaring me.” “I’m scaring me too,” the boy replies? “Last night, when we were watching Andi and Jonah, you asked me am I happy for Andi, and I said: ‘Yes, I’m happy for Andi.’ But I’m also not happy.” Buffy asks whether he is jealous and gets a positive reply. His friend suggests that he might be falling for Andi, but the point is not in her. And when Buffy gets it, Cyrus turned down into tears and says that he feels very weird about it. Cyrus tells her he’s “glad” he told her, and she assures him that telling other people will go well too. He then says: “This is really bad timing,” following it up with a cheesy punchline. I just got a girlfriend.”


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