Animated web series about gay parenting in Philippines


Youth organization, YouthLead, has created Ang Aming Pamilya (Our Family). It’s a new web series about LGBT-related family issues such as surrogacy, gay adoption and coming out to kids. YouthLead recognized it was sometimes difficult to raise awareness of LGBTI issues in the Philippines, so the series, where every episode is based on a real-life story and is devoted to a certain topic, is aimed to make people aware what same-sex families are and what they deal with. The series will also provide the resources needed for LGBT people to complete their families. The first episode follows Tina, who is working up the courage to come out to her son Miko. In the second episode viewers follow Wilbur and trans woman Sabrina who are trying to adopt a baby, which is not an easy process in the Philippines. The third episode tells the story of gay couple trying to have a baby through surrogacy and working their way through the IVF process. We follow Shane and Allan as they build their relationship with Ramona, who is unsure about helping the men. But she changes her mind after her brother, Wilbur, tries to adopt a baby with Sabrina.


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