Rapper from Uganda becomes a Canadian citizen and comes out as a lesbian


This is Jocelyne Tracey Keko. Keko (this is how she calls herself while performing) likes rap and girls, however she was born in Uganda, a country with strict anti-gay laws where being a lesbian is a crime. So Keko chose Canada as her new home, as she announced via Twitter. It took 6 moths for her to receive a new citizenship and now she says she is finally free and feels like another person. ‘It was a burden to live in a box and walk on egg shells,’ she remembers. The rapper also announced that she already plans her lesbian wedding and it will be a BIG THING. She is ready to start life from an empty sheet as she overcame the drug addiction. In an interview with New Vision, she explained: ‘Unfortunately I now believe that I made wrong choices and bad groups as friends after campus. Fame can be horrible when it gets to your head. For now I want to lead a private life and lend a hand to those who are struggling with drugs.’


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