Student ‘forced to leave’ university for saying that gays are killed in some Muslim countries


Alfred MacDonald pointed out to a friend (who is a Christian girl planning to marry a Muslim guy) that in some Muslim countries he might have been executed for his sexuality. He had made the comments during an out-of-class conversation with another graduate student saying that he as a bisexual man might have faced life threatens in some Muslim countries or regions. A few days after the conversation, he was called in for a meeting with Dr Eve Browning. She is the Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University and she told Alfred that if he continued to behave that way he would be referred to the student conduct board and then dismissed. Dr Browning emailed him explaining she wanted to meet with him to ‘discuss some behavioral concerns.’ At the time MacDonald lived an hours drive away from campus and he had no idea why she called him. He explained: ‘At the time I lived 15 miles from the UTSA campus, I was in the process of moving. I was buying a car for school. My commute averaged two hours of driving per day, so before agreeing I asked if she could just email me her concerns as an hour-long meeting was, in fact, asking me to take three hours out of my day.’ Dr Browning insisted the meeting be in person. MacDonald continued: ‘I reasoned that her issue is probably not convenience or efficiency but concealment of at least some part of what she was going to talk about.’ The situation made Alfred feel too uncomfortable to study further so he decided to leave.


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