Texas car dealership says that they are allowed to out trans workers


A car dealership in Austin, Texas is being sued for discrimination by a transgender employee Bradley R. Rudkin who worked as general sales manager of Roger Beasley Mitsubishi, filed the lawsuit on 1 August after being fired without any written or at least verbal notice. The man believes he was sacked only because of being transgender.On 12 October, the dealership filed a motion to dismiss Rudkin’s claims. In the motion, the dealership seeks to dismiss Rudkin, the Plaintiff, because ‘those allegations constitute a legal action that is based on, relates to or is in response to Defendant’s exercise of the right to free speech on a matter of public concern.’From the very first day when he started to work, he was called a cross-dresser and told to ‘keep it professional’. On a separate occasion, Rudkin’s girlfriend, a transgender woman, visited him at the dealership for lunch. While eating lunch in Rudkin’s office, a co-worker allegedly shouted abusive sexually-related comments to make everybody laugh. It was two weeks after that incident when Rudkin was terminated.The Nichols Law Firm, which specializes in matters of LGBTI rights, is representing Rudkin.


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