Gay actor and broadcaster Dan Levy hits out the critics


Canadian actor and broadcaster Dan Levy has hit back at a TV critic who attacked him for ‘fayness’. Levy is best known in Canada for his part in the sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which he co-created with his father He has recently taken on host duties of The Great Canadian Baking Show, which apes the same format as Great British Bake Off in the UK. In a review of the cookery competition in Canada’s Globe and Mail, critic John Doyle mercilessly slammed Levy. ‘CBC’s devotion to Dan Levy must be required by the CRTC or something. Chan does a formidably twee voiceover introduction to things, and the same twee twist on things occurs at regular intervals. This gambit is, I suspect, a silly ruse to make the viewers feel they are watching the original in all its tweeness,’ the critic wrote. He went on saying about the cooking experts Bruno Feldeisen and Rochelle Adonis: ‘Both are a tad stiff and nervous and little wonder – at any moment, they know they might be swarmed by the feyness of Levy and the tweeness of Chan.’

Levy hit back saying that he respects criticism as the part of his work and accepts it. But the word ‘fey’ is not an insult, it means ‘campy or precious’, and it won’t make him less proud of being gay men. ‘To all the “fey” kids/people out there who read that and were made to question whether their “feyness” is deserving of criticism, it’s not. You are loved for who you are. Shame on you, The Globe and Mail,’ he concluded.


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