Labour activist says he was assaulted by a fellow male party member


A Labour activist was sexually assaulted at a party event and was told to stay silent. He said his attacker, who now advises Labour MPs touched his genitals and attempted to kiss him in lips. When the alleged victim, who was 20 at the time, reported the abuse at a Labour Students disco in 2013, a senior member forced him not to push the case further. And he recalled that others in Labour told him that “I should be careful – he’s a clever guy, he’ll be out to get you.” The man shared the story with Mail Online, asking to keep his anonymity. He said that Labour Students was “a competitive, sometimes nasty and often alcohol-fuelled environment. “It’s a breeding ground for hushed-up sexual harassment,” he added.The abuse followed a Burns Night Supper in Edinburgh attended by more than 100 people, including then-Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and other influential politicians.Many of the guests went to the Edinburgh Students’ Union for a party, where the alleged victim found himself dancing alongside a man he already knew. “Then,” he said, “out of the blue and without saying a single word,” the man began to assault him and he stunned as he did not know how to react. “My only priority was to get away from him. I pushed him away and left that part of the dance floor. I spent the rest of the night on the edge of the event,” he said, adding that the following day he had to work beside him like nothing has happened. “Within a day, he began making vicious comments and bad-mouthing me. He would say I was a bad person, I couldn’t be trusted or I shouldn’t be the candidate for something. It would be the start of a more than a year of attacks to undermine me within the party.” The student, barely out of his teens, said his attacker reacted with a concerted campaign to ensure he never had to face any consequences for the abuse. The victim did not address to the police as he did not believe the senior’s actions were punishable . Four years on, he said, he could “finally report my abuser.”


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