Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland reveals her character is bi


Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has confirmed that her character on the show is attracted to both men and women. One of her Twitter followers asked Sarah about it and she responded. Haley, who has been on the show since its inception in 2009, has never had a same-sex love affair before, but a user called Francesca posted: “haley dunphy is bisexual ! #oneofus #oneofus” and ask the actress to confirm it. “I don’t know what the writers would say? But I confirm,” Hyland tweeted. It won’t be the first queer character in Modern Family, the show has an LGBT-friendly reputation. Modern Family, now in its ninth season, has featured gay married couple Mitch and Cam since the beginning.It followed them as they went through the process of adopting and raising Lily, their Vietnamese child. In 2013, the program showed them getting engaged during the season premiere. The storyline incorporated the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Proposition 8, which banned equal marriage in California.


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