Sam Smith’s first album was inspired by a straight married guy

Sam Smith performs at Qantas Credit Union Arena on December 4, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

In a compelling new interview with the New York Times, that he has an experience of using hook-up apps, even though now he is against them and believes they may ruin real feelings. Sam is not a fan of one-night relationships but he has invited men for dinner once or twice after meeting them on Grindr. Sam also said about his hairstyle changes and revealed that it was not 100% his decision – the hair started to fall out because of stress after 2016 Oscar scandal and he decided to make it shorter. Sam often suffers from mood swings and feels saddened and depressed, however this is how he finds inspiration for his music. ‘I’ve got a bit of depression in me, I think, and I’m always fighting it,’ he said. ‘It’s a heavy word to use and I wouldn’t say I have depression, but I have a depressive nature. I can slip into sadness. I always say that I feel everything entirely. Even when I’m feeling nothing, I feel nothing entirely,’ he said. Talking about the sources of inspiration Sam revealed that his first album was inspired by an unmutual feeling to a guy who was straight and married to a woman.


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