Tony Abbott thinks people should continue fighting against gay marriage


One of the most homophobic politicians in Australia attacked gay people’s right to marry. Again. He demanded to censor gay-related songs and believed his own niblings (nieces or nephews) did not deserve to be brought up by their own mom as she was a lesbian. People of Australia hoped that Abbott would calm down when the equal marriage postal vote ends. However he is not going to stop and urges others not to do so. Mr Abbott made a speech to the Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the prominent anti-LGBT hate groups, saying about the marriage equality opponents, whom he called ‘the defenders of marriage in Australia: “Such robust characters, once activated, are unlikely to fade away; and could continue to make their presence felt, even after marriage is no longer an issue, because they’ve had the guts to campaign for a cause they believe in. With the leaders of both big political parties, 60 large businesses and most of the major sporting codes all coming out on the other side.. and no cabinet minister, not one in the centre-right government, prepared to campaign with them, they will understandably be wondering who and what might represent them in the years ahead.”


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