Trans women paid for more than 60 weddings of poor people


A group of trans women are working together to help poor families in their community by paying for their wedding ceremonies if they are unable to do it by themselves. They are doing it for 5 years already. Most recently they helped to pay for the wedding of ten women in the Rajasthan city of Bharatpur The women also help to pay for all aspects of the wedding including bridal wear and food. They save money by themselves and don’t accept donations. Nettu Bai has helped to pay for the weddings of more than 60 young girls from poor families. Bai has been a social workers for years and is known in her area for working hard to help girls in poor families. She has also on the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation since 2014. ‘I have been giving messages to the society to save the girl child and requests people to give their daughters to the group if they are unable to feed them,’ she told the Hindustan Times.


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