Catholic school in UK calls homosexuality a disorder


Students are calling out a British Catholic school for putting up a poster calling gay people ‘disordered’ as a part of religious studies display. The statement read: ‘Homosexuality is a disordered behavior that must be condemned (Vatican statement 30 July 2008)’. Apparently it was taken out of context. A student shared an image on Snapchat, calling the school a ‘joke’ and the post went viral immediately.Headteacher Neville Harrison said: ‘In the centre of the display were the criteria for achieving the highest grade and an explanation regarding the context of the display. Regrettably, the posted resource had been removed from the display and therefore removed from its overall context. This particular resource was displayed as a revision tool and as such was not created to cause any harm or ill-feeling.’ Harrison added: ‘As a school, we are keen to refresh classroom displays with relevant resources that will support students’ learning. However, we take all community views seriously and so in light of this event, we will review our classroom display policy moving forward.’


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