Disney Channel stars open up about the first coming out episode


Stars of the Disney Channel’s Andi Mack shared their impressions of one of the characters’ coming out as gay in one of the latest episodes. The character Cyrus, played by Joshua Rush, came out after he told friend Buffy that he likes his friend Jonah. Rush said he believed that Cyrus’ coming out will help young LGBT watchers to overcome struggling with who they are. According to a Disney representative, the character Buffy “makes for positive role models for kid and adult viewers” by accepting and supporting Cyrus when he opened up to her about his feelings.He told Buffy that he was not happy to see Andi and Jonah together and Buffy suggested the point was in jealousy. It was true and Cyrus confirmed it. Then Buffy asked him whether he had feelings to Andi and Cyrus, almost crying, said that he did not. Then Buffy understood that Jonah was his crush and ensured him that he is not ‘different’ as he thought of himself and it would not be shameful to tell everyone who he is.


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