Gay fitness instructor found guilty of murdering his 1.5-year-old daughter


Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, gripped his adopted daughter Elsie around the rib cage, shook her and may have banged her head against a hard surface. He called her a Satan in a baby shape. The injuries she received were called ‘catastrophic’.The murderer and his husband have started their adoption journey in 2015 and completed it less than in a year. But less than two weeks later she was killed. The hospital staff turned off the lung ventilators as bleeding in the brain would not allow the girl to survive. The killer called the girl a psycho and said he was going through hell with her. “The injuries that caused her death were inflicted upon her by the defendant shortly before he called emergency services that day. His attack upon her that day was not the first time he had employed violence towards Elsie, nor was it the first time he had caused her serious injury. His actions on the late afternoon of May 25 were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenceless child – an infant that he should have loved and protected, but whom he instead assaulted, abused, and ultimately murdered,” the prosecutors say.


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