Graham Norton is criticized for a joke about Kevin Spacey


TV host Graham Norton has been criticized for a joke he made about Kevin Spacey on his show with a guest star Johnny Depp who has been accused of domestic violence by his ex, a bisexual actress Amber Heard. In his opening monologue, Norton said: “It has been a week of sleaze, hasn’t it? A week of sleaze. There have been so many allegations, people’s careers are collapsing like a house of… dominoes.Journalists are struggling to come up with enough words to describe the inappropriate behaviour. Touchy-feely, handsy, sleazy, Spacey.” Depp appeared on the Graham Norton show alongside other stars from Murder on the Orient Express such as Michelle Pheiffer, Dame Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Josh Gad. Fans see that Norton has actually put Spacey and Depp in one line. One wrote: “So the Graham Norton show starts with him making ‘cheeky’ jokes about the harrassment story then one of the guests is … Johnny Depp? Hmm.” Another added: “So there’s an alleged Domestic abuse perpetrator on #grahamnorton’s sofa tonight. Not inappropriate at all…#ViolenceAgainstWomen.” A third added: “Uncomfortable Graham Norton show tonight. Opens with Kevin Spacey put-downs, introduces Johnny Depp to huge applause. No hint of irony.”


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